emma troy

Desidero (Maybe it is Just the Time of Year)Emma Troy is a multimedia artist based in Hove, East Sussex. Her current work uses collage and printmaking to reinterpret familiar and iconographic images and text.

Each made from a single edition of a magazine or newspaper, the works in Pandemonium might at first appear to be part of a collection of real butterfly specimens but on closer inspection the method and materials used in their construction become apparent. The Pandemonium series is now available as limited edition giclée prints.

Emma’s latest work, Desidero (Maybe it is Just the Time of Year) and Desidero (Where are you going?) are screenprints on 100% recycled paper. The image is taken from an original collage made from the Guardian Review. Desidero (Maybe it is Just the Time of Year) is hand finished with collage from a free gardening catalogue and 22 carat gold leaf.

Emma completed her MA at the Royal College of Art, London in 1998. Originally working in live art, installation, video and photography, her work has been seen widely around the UK, Europe and, in 2000, she won an award for performance art from Franklin Furnace in New York. Her work has been seen on Channel 4 and in the British Short Film Festival. Emma’s prints are exhibited widely around the UK.